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Acoustic conditioning that improves

Health Comfort Productivity .

Our history began 25 years ago and since then we have become a world leader in acoustic panels. Along the way, we have maintained our goal of continuous improvement in order to always provide the best service to our customers.

Acoustic conditioning that improves
Health Comfort Productivity .

Our story began 24 years ago. We are a world reference in acoustics, until reaching this point we have traveled a path in which our goal has always been to continuously improve, to provide the best service to our customers.

instalaciones acusticas

Acoustic panels

We design tailor-made solutions for your project .

Our team of acoustic and design engineers will work closely with you. They will also make the design of your project unique by making the aesthetics of our solutions work in the most acoustically efficient and cost-effective way.

We are the atelier of the acoustic panel, we design and personalise your idea to make it unique and adapted to the needs of your project. In this way, you will be able to have a personalised design, adapted to your needs. In addition, from our factory in Malaga, we can offer you a wide variety of options, including 64 different colours.

More than 24 years of experience

Guarantee of success.

More than 24 years of experience
Own manufacturing
Customized solutions
Sustainable products
Our clients .

Acoustic solutions adapted to your needs

Discover our products .
Discover our

Products that will provide design and acoustics for your spaces as a result of our experience.

acondicionamiento acustico materiales

Acoustic ceiling panels

Acoustic ceiling panels are the most effective solution for interior space conditioning. But did you know that we also have baffles and acoustic clouds that can further complement the solution you need? Discover all we have to offer!
que es el acondicionamiento acustico

Acoustic Coatings

Do you want to improve the acoustics of your walls or ceilings in the simplest and most effective way possible? Then our acoustic panels are just what you need. Easy to install and with 100% acoustic effectiveness guaranteed.
acondicionamiento acustico decorativo

Acoustic Separators

With our partitions made of acoustic panels, improving the privacy and acoustic comfort of your interior space has never been easier. Discover all their benefits and learn how they can help you create a more pleasant and functional environment.

Our completed projects .

At Aistec we have extensive experience, providing acoustic solutions in all sectors.

acoustic solutions
Contact us .

Do you want to know more information about our services, or do you have any questions? Get in contact with us!


    What do our customers think? .

    What do ours
    clients think?
    Jesus Manuel AmoresHO. R&D Vodafone.
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    My assessment of the work and the elements installed to reduce the noise in the room could not be more positive. Thanks to these elements, 45 people can now work without problems, which was previously impossible due to the level of resonance in the room.
    Javier Gonzalez ParamioFacilities Engineer Caterpilar
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    We are very satisfied with the acoustic conditioning systems installed in our facilities. In addition to fulfilling their function, they provide the aesthetic that our brand was looking for and with the plus of sustainability as it is recycled PET. We have used them in our central offices and in our training rooms, where acoustic comfort needed a significant improvement.
    Sergio OlivaCEO Sipadan
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    Passion, art and creativity go hand in hand with Aistec's professionalism and technical solvency. Together we have achieved a useful, healthy, sustainable and acoustically treated workplace so that workers can exploit their creativity in their spaces and feel cared for, increasing their productivity.

    New collection ECOpanel colours 2024

    Discover the new ECOpanel colours, a total of 14 colours in different chromatic ranges with plain and mottled finishes.

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