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Noise is not only annoying, it can also have a negative impact on people’s health and quality of life. The effects of noise include stress, cardiovascular disease and fatigue. At Aistec, we understand the importance of acoustics in the spaces where people work and live.

That is why we have developed Smart Acoustic Mapping, an intelligent solution to evaluate and design acoustic solutions adapted to each situation. Smart Acoustic Mapping is the key to guaranteeing acoustic comfort in your business projects, ensuring that acoustics are resolved in spaces occupied by people. With Smart Acoustic Mapping, you can be sure that your projects will be a success in terms of quality of life and acoustic well-being.

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Vodafone project

From Aistec, we are pleased to present the interesting project that we carried out in the Vodafone offices in Malaga. In this case, the company was facing a problem of high reverberation that negatively affected the acoustic quality of the workspace. To address this, we implemented our innovative SAM methodology.

Thanks to this technique, we were able to significantly improve the health and productivity of Vodafone workers, while at the same time providing the company with significant financial savings. Furthermore, we installed our solutions only where they were needed, which allowed us to optimise the process as much as possible.

For the Aistec team it was an honour to collaborate with Vodafone in this project, and we are very grateful for the positive feedback we received from the company.

“My assessment of the work and the elements installed to reduce the noise in the room could not be more positive. Thanks to these elements, right now 45 people can work without problems, which was previously impossible due to the level of resonance in the room.”

Jesús Manuel Amores, HO.R&D Málaga Hub.

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