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World leader in acoustics

We study your acoustic needs to design a customised solution. .

Our history began in 1998 and throughout these years, Aistec has been dedicated to the development of various acoustic solutions. Currently, we focus on acoustic solutions for interior spaces, with special emphasis on wellbeing and sustainability.

Well-being and sustainability are two intrinsic concepts in all our projects. Our solutions have a positive impact on people’s health, promoting their well-being. In addition, our flagship Artcoustic ECOpanel is made from recycled plastic, which reinforces our commitment to sustainability.

Our main objective in approaching a project is to guarantee results. To achieve this, Aistec’s Acoustic Engineering team develops customised solutions for each case. Another of our distinguishing features is our design. We have a department dedicated to creating products and customising solutions according to the needs of our customers. Working together with our production team, prototypes are created and each product is tested for quality assurance. In addition to acoustic solutions, we also offer biophilia and furniture solutions that complement our service portfolio.


Product 100% designed and produced by us with high acoustic absorption capacity.

Smart acoustic Mapping

We have designed a world-first method of acoustic analysis of spaces to improve people's comfort.

Artcoustic ECOpanel is an acoustic panel made from recycled PET plastic bottles. Its production with recycled and recyclable materials minimises the impact on health and enables sustainable product design based on the circular economy.

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