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Acoustic ceiling panels .

We have acoustic panels made from recycled materials, such as PET plastic bottles, with excellent acoustic performance and textile-type finishes.

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Acoustic Panels

All about Acoustic Ceiling Panels .

Discover more information about Acoustic Panels for ceilings and improve your well-being.

Acoustic Panels for ceilings are beneficial for improving the well-being of people, providing acoustic comfort in spaces. Apart from all these functions, our Acoustic Panels for ceilings it also serves as a decorative acoustic panel.

We have the best Acoustic Panels of different types adapted to the needs of your space.

  • Acoustic Absorbent Panel: Made up of absorbent foam, they guarantee acoustic absorption up to 0.5 αw.
  • Insulating Acoustic Panel: Capable of insulating noise from outside to achieve acoustic comfort in your space.
  • Diffusing Acoustic Panel: Panels Acoustics designed to achieve a more uniform sound diffusion.

Our Acoustic Panels for ceilings are possible to place them in many places, providing acoustic comfort and well-being, but also providing your space with greater decoration with panels acoustic.

The absorbent material is perfect for Acoustic Panels for recording studios / home studios. It is also possible to place Acoustic Panels for auditoriums strong> using insulating material.

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