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Acoustic Lamps

ECOlight Baffle .

Our ECOlight product line consists of an artcoustic ECOpanel acoustic panel structure and Lamp brand luminaires, combining functionality, acoustic efficiency and aesthetics to provide an exceptional lighting experience in any environment.

ECOlight baffle, a lamp characterised by its rectangular shape that simulates an ECObaffle, which allows for excellent integration into the environment when combined with other available acoustic solutions.

This lamp is designed to maximise functionality and aesthetics in any space, from offices to homes. In addition, ECOlight baffle is available in three different dimensions, allowing for greater customisation to fit any space.

In short, our ECOlight lamps offer exceptional lighting and acoustics for any space, from homes to commercial spaces. Feel free to contact us for more information on how we can enhance your spaces with our high quality lighting and acoustic solutions.

Model Format Lm LED Optics IRC K Equipment
084 840mm 2320Lm Opal Comfort 80 3000k On/Off
112 1120mm 2320Lm Opal Comfort 80 4000K On/Off
168 1680mm 2320Lm Opal Comfort 80 4000k On/Off


Sound absorption Up to αw 0.95
Fire resistance B-s1, d0
Emissions LOW VOC / No formaldehyde emission

Custom acoustic solutions

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