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Acoustic Coating

Round wall mosaic .

ECOmosaic Round is an innovative system of sound-absorbing panels in a circular shape, designed to reduce ambient noise in any space. These panels are joined together in a customisable mosaic, allowing you to create a unique acoustic design to suit your aesthetic preferences.

They are made of ECOpanel, a high-quality acoustic material made from recycled PET plastic bottles. This material has excellent acoustic performance and a textile-like finish that blends perfectly with any surface.

Improve the acoustics of your space in a creative and sustainable way with Round!

Round 257 – 257 mm Ø

Round 514 – 514 mm Ø

Round mix – 370 mm Ø ; 570 mm Ø; 770 Ø

Sound absorption 0.70 – 1 αw
Fire resistance B-s1, d0
Emissions LOW Voc

Custom acoustic solutions

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